Big Update: Aviary Releases Version 3.0 of Android App

Photo Editor for Android
Photo Editor for Android

Today we're introducing Version 3.0 of Photo Editor by Aviary for Android. This is a gigantic update - our biggest for Android, ever! It features a beautifully redesigned interface that’s faster, easier to use, and a lot of fun.

We blogged recently about 100% growth in the Aviary partner network in 2013. Similarly, Aviary’s own-brand Photo Editor apps have seen a surge in installs this year. We now have more than 11 Million Monthly Active Users across our own-brand iOS, Android and Windows apps, with over 50% on Android. That's up from just over 30% in January - making Android by far and away our fastest growing platform. So we're thrilled to introduce an all-new version of the app today. Here are a few of the great improvements we've made:

  • Sleek, Streamlined Interface – First and foremost, the user interface has been completely redesigned, and it's beautiful. The main editor toolbar now scrolls instead of paging, making it way easier to find all of the Editor's great tools. We've also gone to great lengths to highlight the most important part of the Editor - your photos - by switching over to a dark theme and reducing padding.
  • Improved Enhance Tool – Enhance, has been…enhanced! This incredibly popular tool now has three great settings: Hi-Def, Illuminate, and Color Fix. Hi-Def smartly sharpens, adjusts contrast, and brings out the best parts of your photo, while Illuminate makes poor-lit photos look like they were taken in great lighting. Color Fix (previously called Balance) does intelligent color correction and works beautifully.
  • Beautiful Filters – One of the awesome things about our Android Showcase App is that you can customize your version of the app by installing content packs. You can add incredible Filter packs for even greater flexibility and additional editing options. With today's new Android release, we're introducing the Woodland Effects Pack, perfect for outdoor photos. This pack has been a big hit on iOS, and we think our Android users are also going to love using it this summer.
  • Super Fun Stickers – Users love taking advantage of our stickers to add fun, creativity, and surrealism to their photos. Like Filters, users can install new sticker packs through our in-app store. Packs like Space, Mustaches, and Hats have been incredibly popular, and we’re adding new stickers all the time.
  • Improved Focus Tool – Focus helps draw attention to the subject of a photo by defining the photo’s focal point and blurring out background objects. We've modified the User Experience so it’s easier to use, and more fun to play with. We bet a lot of you are going to be making miniature-looking photos these next few days ;)
  • Color Splash – Our awesome ‘Splash’ tool strips out color from your photo, then lets you paint it back in a super fun way. The Smart Color brush intelligently limits splash to the color of your choice, while the Free Color brush lets you just go nuts and color in whatever you want. It’s one of our favorite tools, so check it out.
  • Reduced Bundle Size – We've reduced the file size of the editor by over 10%, which means it's quicker to download and takes up less, precious space on your device.

And there are all sorts of other little tweaks and improvements going on underneath the hood, which makes for a faster, more stable, and all around better app. So check it out and get editing some photos! Want to show off your work or let us know what you think? Hit us up on Twitter to get in touch. Happy editing!

iOS users: we didn’t leave you out! A brand new version of Photo Editor is also available for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch in the App Store.