Capture any webpage: Just add in front of the URL!

You can capture any webpage at all, from any browser, by simply putting in front of the URL!

For example, say you want to capture Google's homepage:
Just change to

Dead. Simple.

After capturing the page, you can edit it, add simple markup to it and save it to your desktop (or host it online with a single click). It should work on almost any public page on the Internet, with any browser. It can even capture Flash!

If you want additional options, for example to capture a page at different resolutions or to only capture a portion of the page click Screen Capture on Aviary's homepage or just visit:

Capture Options Available:

* Choose different screen resolutions
* Region to capture
* Quality / Speed settings.
* Multiple Browsers / Operating Systems (coming soon)

And of course, for even more powerful screen capture options (including capturing private pages and instant capture), please install our Firefox addon.]]