Creating Custom Mugs in Aviary

In this example, I’m going to show how to create and place your own personalized image on a coffee mug that you can order online.
Personalized products always make great gifts for friends or loved ones or friends that you love.

What better way to say “I care” than with a gift of a personalized… “mug”!

There are a number of online shops that allow you to order custom products. For my example, I’ll be using Zazzle.

To begin, open Raven, Aviary’s Online Vector Editor.

Using Raven’s powerful vector drawing tools, you can create fully scalable art, suitable for printing on various products.

New to Raven? Here's a tutorial on the basic functions of Raven to help you get started creating vector art. Or, check out the Raven Documentation for further information on the application.

When you’re satisfied with the image, you will need to download the image to your computer.
To do so, Select Export > Export Bitmap from the Menu, select your file extension from the pop-up (I would recommend the PNG format for the least destructive compression), then select “Generate Image” to download the image to your computer.

Once your image is downloaded, launch Zazzle’s custom mug creator.

Select “Add Image” and add the Raven creation you had previously saved to your computer.

Then it’s all a matter of moving, resizing and positioning the graphic where you want it oriented on the mug.

When you’re satisfied with the graphic and orientation, go on and purchase the product, park your seat in front of the mailbox, and wait for your very own personalized mug to arrive!

Additionally, you can even post your mug for sale in Zazzle’s marketplace to earn yourself some serious money for every sale you generate from your design!

To open and explore the vector file used in my example, click the image below to launch the design in Raven, Aviary’s online vector editor.

Octodrink.egg by meowza on AviaryOctodrink.egg by meowza on Aviary]]