Edit Alberta J. Ellybeans, Win an Aviary Gift Pack!

Your task is to give this baby elephant a friend, a companion, maybe a tree, maybe a shirt, a hat, some new shoes?? A rainforest in the background??? Simply put, it’s a FREE-4-ALL! Add anything to this image! To start, open up the file created by Aviary superstar Flavia. Then click on ‘Open in Vector Editor’

Once your creation is finished, add a link to our Facebook Post. (You must ‘like’ the Aviary page to post a link)

The contest will end on Monday, May 9th, at 5PM EST. The winner will be chosen based on how creative or jaw-dropping their creation is, and will receive and Aviary t-shirt + more!!!

Need a quick refresher on how to use our vector editor? Click here


UPDATE 5/10/2011 - Winner winner, chicken dinner! Congrats to Ozzybear for giving Alberta J Ellybeans one sweet habitat!