Edit Tumblr Photos


In fact, we love Tumblr so much, we decided to create a better way of importing, editing, and publishing Tumblr photos using Aviary

1) Click 'Import' in the File menu in Aviary
2) Click on the 'Tumblr' tab in the import pane
3) Enter your Tumblr username
4) Browse your Tumblr photos
5) Import your photos

doodle.png  on Aviary

Once you've finished playing with your imported photo and saving it, you'll see the Share Menu which will let you publish your photo on Tumblr by clicking the Tumblr icon

Publish your awesome new photo to Tumblr

Eventually we hope to build some tighter integration so reblog links remain intact, but for now this method will suffice.

If there are any other features you think we should be working on, don't hesitate to let us know. You can reach us at Support@aviary.com.

So how much better are the photos on your Tumblr now?!]]