Five New Filters Added to the Effects API

A few months ago, we revealed the newest member of our API family: our Effects API. It's a server-side API which allows developers to quickly and easily apply utilities and cool filters to photos on their own site. For example, instead of just uploading your users' photos, you can crop them to avatar proportions and automatically fix the color levels of the photos or turn them into polaroids. Whatever floats your boat!

We launched with 20+ filters, and are pleased to announce five brand new ones which are available today! These filters are even more user-friendly, as they all improve photos with just one click, and a little birdy told us that more brand new filters are coming next week :)

We think these are pretty great, but we also know there can never be enough variety! If there are utilities or effects you'd love to be able to apply to the photos on your site, email us and let us know! You can always reach us at

Note: even if you're not a developer, you can still use these awesome effects on your photos! Eventually they'll all be available through our simple editor Feather, but until then you can use them through our developer site. Just upload the photo of your choice and go!

So, without further ado, here are today's new filters. Take a look, and then try them out yourself over on our developer site. Enjoy!


**Auto Enhance:** Bring out colors and details, fix levels, generally make your world a better looking place! (We're already applying this filter to all of our photos.)


**Cinematic:** Your life, if it were a movie. Specifically, a docudrama starring maybe Tom Hanks. Not that we've thought about it that much or anything.


**Daydream:** The soft white glowy vignette that you've been dreaming of.


**Heatwave:** High saturation, intense colors, and that general feeling of an oasis just a few more steps ahead.


**Indiglow:** It doesn't just make your photos purple.

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