Get Bezier!

I wanted to showcase some of our talented Artist in Residence's work for our upcoming marketing campaign. This is the artwork and some rough text layout for the part of the campaign for Raven, our vector editor.

This particular ad is inspired by and parodies Marcos Chin's stunning work for Lava Life.

Our artist is Brent Koby, otherwise known affectionately to Worth1000 users as Meowza.

We are creating an ad for almost every tool on our list.

All Brent's artwork created for the campaign will be purchasable on mounted posters through our market once we launch (with or without ad text). We created everything to be stand-alone beautiful on their own.

Another example of an ad was already displayed on our blog (the artwork will also be used in our upcoming book).

PS. I've been told by some people they want this blog to focus on the tool development alone, but I have to disagree. Our marketing is just as important as the tools they help promote. It doesn't matter how great our tools work - without an attractive message drawing people in, nobody will ever want to try them in the first place. If you agree and would like to see more artwork for our upcoming campaigns, let me know in the comments below.

Update! Even our error messages were done by Brent. For instance, here is a nice easter egg for those of you who encounter any errors on our site.]]