Google's vision of the next generation of web apps

My prediction would be that Web3.0 will ultimately be seen as applications that are pieced together and there are a number of characteristics. The applications are relatively small, the data is in the cloud. The applications can run on any device, PC or mobile phone, the applications are very fast and they're very customizable and furthermore, the applications are distributed by virally, essentially viral... social networks, email..

You won't go to the store and purchase them. That's a very different application model then we've ever seen in computers. There is low barrier to entry. The new generation of tools being announced today, Google and other companies make it relatively easy to do, solves a lot of problems and works everywhere.

Of course this is just one (very influential) man's opinion, but he's just outlined several tenets that define the next generation of web applications:

- Applications are composed of smaller connected applications
- Application size is small
- Application data is stored online
- Applications can run in different PC environments and mobile phone environments
- Applications are very fast
- Applications are customizable
- Applications are distributed virally
- Applications are downloaded or accessible via the Internet
- Applications have low barrier to entry (cost and learning curve)
- Applications work everywhere

What is interesing for us is that Aviary's application model would appear to meet every single one of his criteria (the possible exception being mobile phones, which are not yet running ActionScript 3.0 in their versions of Flash but no doubt will as mobile processor technology improves).

Here's the video:

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