Happy Holidays from Aviary!

On the Design Front

On Sunday, we finished a redesign of the Worth1000.com site and are busy adding a lot more functionality to it. We're now going to expand on the core base by exposing Worth1000's library of original images through an API. We picture lots of fun reusability like Flash slideshows and games, not to mention instant access in the Aviary tool suite (when the user allows it). Integration between the Worth1000 community and Aviary is going to be a primary driving force going forwards.

Today we activated a special holiday design of the Aviary site to compliment the holiday cards we are sending out.

(The holiday site is temporary though, so take a look now before we take it down!)

We've been busy on expanding the current Aviary website itself so that it includes a way to manage your files when we launch and has plenty of room for key social networking features.

On the Software Development Front

On the development end we've been perfecting the framework that will allow all of our tools to communicate data between each other, as if Aviary were one giant application.

- We've added a universal resource browser that lets you access the Aviary library directly in any Aviary application.

- We finished a key component of the Aviary platform which allows our Flex applications to stream their file data to Rookery (our distributed file network) seamlessly, which means efficient bandwidth use for the user and quick save times in the actual applications.

- We've added chat directly to the Aviary platform which means that you can now access live help (or find fellow remixers) while you work.

- Raven, our vector editor, is being released as an alpha to an initial set of beta testers.

- Hummingbird, our 3D modeler, now supports texture mapping and light placement.

Of course, saving the best for last, here's another of Brent's additions to our advertising campaign (this one for Peacock, our Flash based Pattern Generator).

We're really excited... launch of the entire platform is right around the corner!

If you haven't signed up yet, do so now to get a chance of inclusion in the next wave of invitations.]]