Have you updated to v3 of the Aviary iOS SDK?


It’s finally (finally!) warm in NYC, but before we go soak up the sunshine, we’re sharing some awesome upgrades that came out of hibernation with us.

A totally new interface, tools you’ve been begging for, and a renewed commitment to protect your users’ privacy are the headlines of today’s updates. So grab a popsicle, settle in and take a peek - we can’t wait to hear what you think!

What's new: Aviary iOS SDK v3.0

We just released our biggest update ever, and more than one thousand developers are already enjoying our shiny new improvements. Planning your upgrade? Here’s what to expect:


And as always, remember that Aviary is:

  • Cross-platform:Aviary is available for all major platforms (mobile and web) and takes just minutes to integrate, saving you major headaches when it’s time to expand.
  • More than filters: Editing photos with Aviary goes far beyond filters; offer your users a variety of professional-grade tools (crop, text, redeye removal, and more) that are simple enough for anyone to use.
  • Customizable: Change the colors and toolset of your integration in seconds. Plus, with white label options, we get out of the way so your brand can shine!
  • Adware free: Your users trust you with their privacy, and we don't ask you to compromise it in uncomfortable or unfair ways. (Beware of other SDKs that do!)
  • The most user-friendly way to monetize: Our much-loved special edition filters, frames and stickers are designed in-house, and have been applied more than 250 million times since launching last fall. Learn more!
  • Tried and true: Over 4,000 partners, big and small, trust Aviary to provide the best editing experience in the world. Whether you’re Flickr or you’re just getting off the ground, we feel honored that you depend on us, and will never stop working for you.
  • Here to help: We love your questions (and your big ideas). Want to chat? Just say hello!
  • Obsessively devoted to photography: Our passion for photos is rivaled only by our devotion to making our users and partners happier with every release.

Happy editing!

-Team Aviary