How to Create and Order Custom Fabric from Spoonflower

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to take any of your Aviary creations and have it printed on fabric for all your crafting needs!

You can use any of Aviary’s tools to create your design.
Here’s the design I made for my fabric!

AviaryFabric.egg by meowza on AviaryAviaryFabric.egg by meowza on Aviary

IMPORTANT NOTE: Spoonflower prints their fabric at 150 dots per inch. In simplest terms, a 300 pixel tall image will be printed at 2 inches. A 450 pixel tall image will be printed at 3 inches. Etc. Make sure to do your math.

The design I used in my example was made on a 600 px by 600 px canvas in Raven, the vector editor. So that means my fabric will be printed at… let me see… carry the one… Oh! 4 inches by 4 inches, square.
Fret not, you can always preview your pattern later in Spoonflower’s uploader.

After you’ve created your design, export (File > Export) the image to your computer as a PNG file.
Then, log in to Spoonflower and go to Designs > Upload to upload your creation to your Spoonflower account.

Then, you’ll be taken to the product page where you can preview your fabric pattern and determine what type of fabric and what size you want it on.
You can also play around with the various tiling settings for your pattern as well. Experiment!

I’ve ordered from Spoonflower a number of times in the past and the color you see on the screen is usually pretty much the color they print. So you need not worry about crazy color differences from the printer. It’s pretty remarkable how accurate they are.

Then, place your order, pay for your fabric, then sit back and relax and wait for the mailperson to bring you your own custom fabric! Your upholstery never need be non-custom ever again!

Here are a few projects that my fiancé, Brandi, put together using the custom fabric I created in Aviary. She sure is swell!

A nifty little handbag to carry all your eggs,

And a matching coin pouch!

So, go on and give it a try! Order some custom fabric today and let’s see what you make!]]