HowMutch Implements HTML5 Editor

HowMutch has just added Feather, our HTML5 photo editor onto it's website! Their users will now be able to easily edit and touch up their photos before having it published.

HowMutch is a website dedicated to quickly comparing how much you would pay, or have someone pay you, to do something. "How much would you pay to have lunch with Stephen Colbert, or to have Morgan Freeman narrate your life" are just a few of the fun and addicting questions asked. Check it out!

Users must upload a relevant photo to the question they're asking, oh hey!, that's where we come in! Our embeddable widget pops up when you're taken to the editing screen. Quick edits like cropping and rotating are extremely useful in this case. From there, you can choose to save and continue, and have it uploaded to your question's default picture.

Upload your own photo to try it out, and let us know what you think!

Our HTML5 Photo Editor Implemented on HowMutch

"Photos are absolutely essential to the question and answer experience on HowMutch. They help our users visualize both the tangible and the intangible subjects of our questions. Simply put, Feather is going to help our users create better questions and thus enhance the overall experience on HowMutch."

If you've integrated Feather onto your site, let us know at Our HTML5 photo editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. If you're a developer and would like to try it out, read the technical documentation or embed it on your site, go to]]