Hummingbird will allow exporting to stereograms

We now have the ability to export 3D texture maps in Hummingbird, which means that you can save your 3D models as autostereograms, and publish your own custom "Magic Eye style" book!

Stereograms are those potentially frustrating texture images where you shift the focus of your eyes (i.e. by crossing them or trying to see double) and see a hidden 3D object in the texture. For those of you who have never seen a stereogram before there's a great explanation at Wikipedia. Some people can see it, some people can't.

So how would it work? Simple. First a user makes a 3D model in Hummingbird and then chooses to export it as a stereogram.

Hummingbird then makes a 3D black and white texture map of the current scene.

Next a user chooses a texture pattern that can be applied. A user can make their texture in Phoenix (or in Peacock, Raven or Tern), can upload one from their desktop, or can use someone else's texture.

We then automatically generate the stereogram as an image file:

See the hummingbird and torus?

Here's another image with the same scene and a texture thrown together in Phoenix.

Finally, a user can lay out their collection of stereograms (or other people's stereograms) as a book in Owl, our desktop publishing tool, and offer their book for sale in our market. And of course Aviary would track all rights, royalties and attributions from everyone involved.]]