Important UDID Announcement for Aviary's iOS SDK

If you're currently using Aviary's iOS SDK inside your app, there's an important update you should be aware of in regards to the recent report of Apple rejecting apps for accessing unique device identifiers (UDIDs). We don’t collect UDIDs, but the analytics library our SDK uses does access them. We do not expect the inclusion of this library, or of the Aviary SDK, to cause any problems with future versions of your app being accepted to the app store, but just as a precaution we have updated to the newest version of the analytics library which prevents UDIDs from transmitting in clear text.

Please download and update to the newest SDK (v 2.3.4) here:

Note: You must be logged in to download the SDK.

As a nice bonus, the new version of the Aviary iOS SDK includes some color customization options, and higher resolution output (up to 3MP). You can read about all the new updates on our changelog. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at mobile[AT]