Ink Mobility Releases Open Source Photo Apps with Aviary SDK

Several months ago, Aviary announced a partnership with Ink Mobility (formerly to help developers quickly and easily integrate Aviary’s Photo Editing technology with Ink's image importing and exporting SDK. Earlier this week, Ink Mobility announced their new Ink Mobile Framework which allows iOS developers to share data, including photos, between iOS applications. A sorely needed feature that is already available to Android developers. You can try one of the pilot applications, ThatPhoto, which allows users to edit their photos using the Aviary SDK and send them to a number of supported Framework applications, including Evernote and


Today, we have even more exciting Aviary/Ink Mobility news! Ink has just released a series of open source mobile applications in an effort to show off their new Mobile Framework, and more importantly, to encourage growth in the Open Source mobile app movement. The aforementioned ThatPhoto is among these open source applications, and is a fantastic reference for anyone looking to build a mobile Photo Application using the Ink and Aviary SDK’s. Because these applications are publicly shared on Github, any iOS developer looking to developer a photo application will have a published reference app that they can fork and improve upon for their own needs.

You can find a complete list of FilePicker's open sourced applications below:

Developers looking for further Aviary integration samples can always check out the Sample Application included in our SDK download.