Introducing Turkey: The First Browser-based Web Browser!

Phoenix, the browser-based image editor, Peacock, our visual effects lab, and we've begun introducing new programs like Raven, the browser-based vector editor, and Toucan, the browser-based Color Swatch editor. Working tirelessly to bring you even more browser-based applications, one of the newer applications we're excited to finally release on Thanksgiving is Aviary's Turkey, the browser-based web browser.

Simply open up your internet browser of choice, go to Aviary, then press the Turkey launch button to open up your internet browser right there in your browser!

At Aviary, we're always looking to break new ground and shatter what the world's preconceived notions of what can be accomplished online. And we believe we're doing just that with Turkey, the Internet's first browser-based web browser.

And with popular features now necessary in web browsing such as tabbed browsing, surfing your favorite web pages has never been easier or more efficient!

With Aviary's Turkey, anyone with a browser and an internet connection can now browse the internet.

Just one of the wonderful things we're working on, here at Aviary!

Editor's Note: This was actually an April Fool's joke concept that made the cutting room floor originally, but looking back on it we laughed and had to share it, so why not around Thanksgiving? For early access to the more useful (and real) Aviary tools, head on over to the Aviary main site.

Edit: April 1st is actually celebrated during Thanksgiving in Canada, so this is a perfectly acceptable blog post, thank you very much.]]