Introducing Version 2 of the Aviary SDK

It's only been 4 months since we first introduced the Aviary Mobile SDK, and a lot (of awesome stuff) has happened since then. We've partnered with some of the top apps in the market, and are now editing over 10 million photos a month on mobile alone! We were as eager as you to release an update to the editor (for both web and mobile), which not only showcases a beautiful new design but also improves every single one of the tools! You heard right. Introducing: Version 2 of the embeddable Aviary photo editor.


What's new:

Functionality has been improved across all tools. The speed of each tool has been noticeably increased, and the UI has been improved based on the feedback we've received from our partners and users.

One-touch auto enhance tools: Need to touch up a photo, but out of time? No problem. With our range of magical enhancing tools for everything from nighttime to backlit photos, you can fix any photo in a matter of seconds.


New, improved effects. Our dedicated imagineer perfected a set of 10 beautiful effects which will add some extra flavor to any image. As a bonus, our new effects are fast as lightning and come with some gorgeous new borders.


Brand-new, unique dials (mobile) for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. Drawing and text sliders (both web and mobile) have been updated as well. So much more fun than a standard slider! Plus, we've thrown in some thrilling tactile feedback to the dials in our Android SDK that we're sure will make you smile.


New Stickers! A whimsical set of various accessories that will dress up any picture. Just to make sure they're of the highest quality, we did some extensive testing on photos of Ryan Gosling - and he looked great.


completely new, stylish design. Since we're out to power third party apps, we needed a design that would blend seamlessly with any website or app - but still pop as a beautiful editor. Our base colors are subtle silver and black, with a customizable accent color to tie the editor in with your own application.


Minimal Branding. We know you want to slap the Aviary logo on every part of your app... but in the interest of not confusing your users, we've removed the branding from the top and moved a much smaller version of our logo at the bottom of the editor. If your users are curious about the editor, they can swipe to the last page for a quick explanation and then get back to the important stuff: editing their photo.

In addition, we've made a ton of other improvements based on feedback from our partners and users, including a complete overhaul of the crop tool (grid lines and the presets you asked for), zoom functionality for fine-tuning, and much more.

High-Resolution Output 

Version 2 of our platform supports high-resolution photo editing across all platforms. This feature is currently being rolled out to select partners on mobile, but if you'd like early access, shoot us an email at

High -Resolution for web is currently available and ready. To see documentation, please visit


  • Android: Starting from Android 2.2  (version 8 and above)
  • iOS: iOS 4+ (3GS and newer) and iPad 1 & 2
  • Web: all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7+) and all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) that support JavaScript and either HTML5 or Flash.

Where can I play with the new editor?!


Our partners will be rolling out Version 2 over the coming weeks as they update their apps. Big Blue Clip has already added version 2 of the iOS SDk to their app Pic Stitch, and is currently in the process of being approved to the app store. It should be available in the next minute/hour/day (depending on how fast the approval process is)

Download PicStitch now for iOS (and update when it's available).



Visit and click "Try the web demo."


We'll be looking to monetize by offering premium content on top of photos, and allowing our partners to turn on/off that option within the Mobile SDK. For instance, if a partner decides they want to enable in-app purchasing via our SDK, they can start selling content without managing, supplying, or supporting anything. We take care of all the work, and do a standard rev share with the participating partner.

The idea here is to help our partners generate an additional revenue stream without lifting a finger. We see it as a win-win for both parties.

We've been piloting custom SDK's with built in monetization on iOS and Android for the past 2 months. Working with select partners, we've seen promising data, and are excited to announce that a public build will be available for anyone to implement in 2-3 weeks.

What is/will be purchasable through the SDK?

  • Premium effects packs
  • Original sticker packs (Holiday, Seasonal, Themed)
  • Branded sticker packs (We'll be working with specific brands to distribute their content through our SDK)

Please send all inquiries to

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please visit, or visit for documentation on how to get started.