iOS Partner Spotlight: Photoful

Photoful is the new way to organize and view your photos.

  • Separate them by day, month, year.
  • Use gestures to select, navigate, & organize.
  • Swipe & pinch to select photos, share, see months at a time and more.
  • Link with backup service of your choice, more options for sharing, & connect with other favorite apps. *Coming soon*
Photoful 1
Photoful 1

It's everything iOS 7 is going to offer... and MORE:

  • #Tagging to quickly catalog your memories.
  • Stream-view for casual browsing.
  • Delete photos by tossing them left.
  • Clean up your collection fast.
  • Share a dozen as easy as one - to any device, cross-platform; even via SMS or Tweet.

Enhance your batch edit your photos with Aviary.

  • Need to edit more than one photo? No problem. Swipe the photos you need to touch-up and batch edit on the fly. Photoful is using our free and customizable iOS SDK.
Photoful 2
Photoful 2

Download Photoful for free now:  

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