iOS SDK Update 2.6: Beautiful New Effects, Frames and more


Huge news, iOS developers: we just pushed an update to our iOS SDK, and it's a big one.

We've added a bunch to version 2.6 that you're definitely going to want to check out. First off, we've overhauled the default effects that come with the Effects tool. These new effects have a bit more subtlety to them than the previous set (and no longer include frames by default), making them better for a wider variety of photos. In addition, we've removed the effects canister screen, so now users can jump right into their effects without having to select a category first. This change was tested in our Showcase app and effects usage increased dramatically, so when you implement this new version, your users will likely be applying a lot more effects. Make sure you check out the Avenue, Cruz, and Clyde effects – these have been the most popular effects in our Showcase app, so you may want to promote these to your users in some way.

We've also introduced a brand new Frames tool that allows users to put decorative borders around any photo without having to rely on an effect. Our Showcase users love the flexibility that this new tool offers, so we're really excited to be offering it through our SDK. Check out the Antique, Splatter, and Grit frames - we have found these to be super popular.

Lastly, we've updated the Meme and Text tools to support multiple line and increased overall performance throughout the SDK. So make sure you check it out! Let us know what you think in the comments below or get in touch on Twitter.