Kaptur Integrates Simple Image Editor

Kaptur is a neat website that allows you to create albums using your friends' photos and videos. It's a powerful platform that gathers media from all your friends' social networks and presents it in a comprehensive, synchronized, and meaningful way. Simply put, it's surprisingly easy, and fun to use! Head on over to Kaptur right now to start using their service. You're literally clicks away from organizing your digital existence!

It's no secret that photos are a crucial element to Kaptur's product, which is why our Simple Image Editor (codename: Feather) is a perfect fit. Their users now have the ability to quick-edit (rotate, crop, remove red-eye, etc.) on the fly, and they're also able to add fun filters and effects (retro, toy camera, stickers, and more) to each image. Once users import their photos, they're taken to the album view, where they're able to select individual images to edit.

Once the 'Edit Photo' button is clicked, the lightbox version (widget version also available) of our Simple Image Editor appears, right there on the page!

***You may notice that the editor looks a little different from our original design. Kaptur is the first partner we've worked with to integrate a customized skin, and serves as an excellent example of how our editor can be customized to fit your site! We changed the color schemes to fit Kaptur's brand, and we changed the buttons from eggs to circles. If you'd like to look into customizing Feather for your own site, give us a hoot!

We're excited to have Kaptur on board, and thrilled to be able to offer our editor to provide their users with a seamless photo editing experience.

"The integration between Kaptur and Aviary was fast and smooth. Product utility and design were a perfect fit. We are using Feather to provide powerful and fun photo editing tools for our users. Kaptur makes memories special. Aviary makes photos special. A match made in the cloud. Users get the benefit of personalizing memories even further." - Tejpaul Bhatia, President of Kaptur

If you've integrated Feather onto your site, let us know at api@aviary.com. Our Simple Image Editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. Custom skins are also available. If you're a developer and would like to try it out, read the technical documentation or embed it on your site, go to www.aviary.com/html5