Make Your Own Paper Phoenix Toy

Custom Paper Toys, I decided to put together a paper cut-out template of our fine feathered friend, Phoenix, that you can cut out and assemble yourself!

To begin, open the Paper Phoenix template here.
Feel free to make any edits you desire using Raven's powerful vector drawing tools.

New to Raven? Here's a tutorial on the basic functions of Raven to help you get started creating vector art.

Then, save the image to your computer using the File > Export > Export Bitmap function then follow the onscreen instructions to save the image.

Print the downloaded image on your printer (refer to your printer documentation if you don't know how!), preferably on card stock.

Next, cut the individual pieces out and perforate the slits marked on the pieces by short black lines, using an X-acto knife.

Then it's all a matter of assembling the figure!

Begin by gluing, or taping, tab A to the inside panel of the head shape. Close the box by affixing the B and C tabs to form a box for the head.
For the body segment, glue tab D to the inside panel of the body to form a box as well.

Fold down the tabs on the leg segments and glue tabs E and F to the inside panel of the body to form the figure's legs.

Insert the arm segments into the sides of the body, and place the tab on the egg into the slit on the Phoenix's left hand.

Finally, attach the head and body segments together by inserting the J tabs into the slits on the bottom of the head segment, and insert the K tab located on the headdress segment into the slit on the head to complete the piece.

And that's it!

Just because Aviary is a suite of web-based design tools, it does not mean you're limited to digital designs.
I'm hoping this post can kick start your own ideas of other real media projects you can create using Aviary.

Have fun!]]