Making Toiletron in Aviary

Parcopresis, the fear of using a public toilet, is a serious affliction that affects millions of people. And we at Aviary, know there is good reason: Toilets are one of the most favored hiding spots for evil robots from other galaxies. We finally have video proof.

This time around Aviary's resident plumber Meowza has located classified evidence in a secret goverment restroom.

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View the sources and full layered file

I, for one, welcome our new porcelain overlords.

This work made heavy use of lighting, painting, transforming and sourcing.


Kudos to RudyEvil for the awesome Transformers remix!

Standard disclaimer: For those of you new to this blog, this was not created in Photoshop. It was created in Aviary, a suite of online web applications. You can sign up for the current beta at]]