Making Web Comics in Aviary

Well, if you didn’t, I have some news for you.
You can make web comics in Aviary!

Click for layered file

Go on and try one yourself!

Here are a few tips for creating comics.

What I like to do is lay down the background for the panel first.
Don’t worry if the elements of the image extend beyond the canvas. Only the content within the canvas frame will be visible in the final output.
I would recommend creating all the background layers in a single layer group.

(New to Raven? Here's a tutorial on the basic functions of Raven to help you get started drawing vector art.)

Using an old classical animation technique, you can find yourself saving time by creating character templates with expressionless faces/extremities.

(Click for layered file)

Then, it’s all a matter of drawing in the appropriate expressions…

…and adding the text for each panel!
(Here’s a video tutorial created by Aviary user learonthefly on creating speech bubbles in Raven.)

Save each of the panels of your comic as a separate Raven .egg. You’ll find all your panels saved in Your Creations page.

I like to assemble the comic in Phoenix. Begin with a canvas size large enough to fit your panels.
Then, import them all into the document by selecting File > Import File, then upload each of your panels through the Aviary Library tab.

Using the Move Tool, assemble the panels on your comic any way you like.
Then, you can add a title and author using the Text Tool in Phoenix.

And your comic is complete!

If you created the background in a single grouped layer, you can easily disable this group…

…and create infinite backgrounds using your comic template as well!

Let’s make some funnies!]]