Partner Spotlight: Kapturem

We recently launched our photo-editing SDK, a mobile version of our popular web-based simple photo editor. Developers of mobile applications can now add our photo editor’s powerful functionality into any iPhone or Android app with just a few lines of code! Read on to see what Kapturem did with our tools, or check out the rest of our partners to see how they’re putting our editor to use.


Two mobile trends that have seen an explosion in popularity are photos and gaming. Our partner, Kapturem, asks -- and addresses -- a fairly simple question: why not have both?

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Kapturem is a game that encourages picture sharing and a little friendly competition amongst users. The platform is part social network, part photo-taking and photo-sharing, and part game (complete with rankings, notoriety, challenges, unlocked content, and more!) -- the sum of which is awesome.

To see Aviary's tools in action, take a photo (or upload your own) and select OK. and You'll be whisked away to the editor, where you can fix your pictures to your heart's delight. Kapturem has implemented sixteen of our tools, which means that there's plenty of work that can be done before you share your work with the community.

Because Kapturem is built around a core group of users, there are a number of tools that enable social interaction -- search for friends, take advantage of their sharing functionality that distributes your photos across social networks, manage your content, and personalize your profile! Additionally, track your ranking among other Kapturem users and try your hand at capturing content. The more you share, the more your rank rises (you start as an aspiring Associate, and climb the ranks from there), and the more notorious you become.

To find out more about Kapturem's multifaceted awesomeness, and to partake in the challenges, visit their website. Don't forget to put your Aviary editing skills to good use during your quest of becoming the Don of Kapturem!