New Aviary tool announced: Tern, the Terrain Generator

So now I introduce you to Tern, our Terrain Generator:

Tern will allow you to not just generate random natural scenes (of all different types), but also to have full control over the appearance of all scenes. If you want to generate a scene of a volcano on an island, no problem. If you want to generate a scene of an alien landscape, no problem. If you want to recreate the shape of Australia and show it from high overhead, no problem.

Tern will include the ability to fully control and generate high resolution realistic scenes including land, water, fog, clouds, sunsets and plants, all right in your browser.

And of course, like all our tools, the works produced within it will be rights and royalties managed.

Update We've now consolidated Tern into a plugin for Peacock, the filter factory of the entire Aviary suite.]]