New Peacock UI

The concept is very simple: Pattern objects follow a path to eventual generation on the canvas. Depending on the different points along the path, the generated patterns can be filtered, blended with other patterns and masked.

Using it is easy. You can drop as many nodes onto the canvas as you like.

Then it's simply a matter of drawing a line between the node connectors to link them, ultimately linking the Canvas node. From there Peacock can automatically work it's magic!

You can add new filter nodes to the path quite easily, which changes the outcome of the final project.

Nodes can be easily repositioned by dragging with your mouse. The linked paths will automatically curve to help maintain their visibility when you move the nodes.

Pattern paths can be infinitely complex, depending on how many nodes you want to add. In case you need more room for a very complex graph, you have the ability to zoom out and pan around your path. These paths can be saved so that you can resume your work on them at a later date.

You can see an example of a semi-complex pattern path below.

Editing the individual nodes is easy: Just select the particular node you want to make changes to and change its settings in the properties panel. It's really incredible to watch the pattern change immediately as you tweak the settings.

I really can't wait for this particular tool to be released! To try it out, sign up for an Early Bird Invitation on our home page and choose Pattern Generation from the drop down list.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Aviary!