New URL for the Aviary suite:

Hi Aviators! Over the last few months Aviary has moved in a very different direction from its advanced suite of flash tools. As we continuously make modifications to the site (and especially the homepage) to support the new developer-focused direction, we struggled to still make it super clear to our existing users about how to access the current suite of tools, without diluting our message to our developer audience.

We realized that in trying to support two very different products on the homepage, we aren't actually doing a particularly good job at helping either one out. So rather than try to continue to cater to two different audiences on one page, we're going to split them into their own individual websites.

1) will be exclusively targeted for developers considering our embeddable photo-editing apps. We are going to deprecate (since all of the content from that site will be incorporated into

2) will now be the new URL for our advanced suite of tools.

This will help make everything easy to find and mean that each product can have its own completely separate website (including look, feel and marketing copy). We feel this is the right approach, especially considering it has worked for us with

You can go update your bookmarks now. As a heads up, there's a new homepage coming out in early January that will take this change into account, so at that point you will probably want to start using as your Aviary homepage if you only use our advanced suite.

As always, cheerio and Happy Holidays!