No Ad New York: Making an Ad-less Times Square a Virtual Reality

So what's No Ad: New York?

It's an amazing/awesome initiative to digitally remove all visual advertising from New York City's Times Square. Founder (and well-known director) Morgan Spurlock was inspired by the city of Sao Paulo, which has banned outdoor ads since 2007, when they were declared a form of visual pollution. The question is, could an ad-free environment like that ever be possible in the US?

We think it could. Using the entire Internet community as a helping hand, No Ad:NY hopes to prove that by digitally stripping down every ad, we could turn what seems impossible into a visual reality.

Once users select a frame to manipulate, our image editor instantly loads. Useful building textures to replace the ads have been added to simplify your process. To access them, click on File>Import File and choose the NO AD NY tab to view a variety of ad replacements.

At Aviary, we're always excited to see new and inspirational things take place, especially if image-editing is involved. With the help of our tools, No Ad:NY has made it possible to edit any frame in a giant panorama of Times Square. Visit No Ad: New York, and click on the "See a How-To" button to learn exactly how you can help rid Times Square of its infamous ads! Finally, you can replace that ginormous shallow Abercrombie and Fitch ad with a cement block! Start your ad-stripping, and don't forget, when you're all done, be sure to save!