Oh, by the way, Aviary launched

Oh, you hadn't heard? Aviary hatched!

We've officially released four awesome design apps, a new Firefox extension for easy screen capture, 60+ new tutorials, and best of all we've completely overhauled our website design to make it easier for collaboration to happen.

We've also finally landed our branding, as you should note we are now located at Aviary.com (no more a.viary.com). We feel less web2.0 now, but trust us, that's a very good thing.

Going forwards we're going to keep the exact changes we make (just about every Wednesday) in a specific list of release notes in our announcement forum.

If you want more up-to-date release notes, please check our Announcements forum or subscribe to the announcement RSS feed.

A special thanks to the following sites and fine feathered friends for the great coverage and reviews!
photojojo readwriteweb mashable cnet zdnet fayerwayer centernetworks

Congrats to everybody on the team and the awesome Aviary community! We can't wait to see what awesome things you all will make!]]