Our first public demonstration of Aviary, at TechCrunch40

TechCrunch40 conference in San Francisco (and a quick stop in Seattle) where we got to demonstrate our suite of tools and marketplace to the public for the first time.

The reaction was fantastic! Industry people with any kind of background in the arts really loved what we are trying to accomplish with Aviary and requested beta invites.

We even got some press interested too. Here's some coverage from the first day of the conference.

The San Francisco Chronicle said:

"For those on the creative side of things, a new tech platform called Aviary was being touted by representatives of Worth100 LLC, a privately held firm in Long Island, N.Y. The reps said the site has "rich Internet applications geared for artists of all genres." That includes people who do image editing, typography, music, video and so forth. Apply to participate in the beta version at www.creationonthefly.com."

Ars Technica said (while discussing their favorite picks of the conference):

"Aviary.... a surprisingly capable cross-platform image editing, 3D modeling, and vector editing suite, Aviary is written completely in Flash 9. The 3D modeling portion of this suite also allows users to sell and market their creations."

ABC 30 in San Francisco said (while discussing their favorite picks of the conference):

"The creators of Aviary, an online graphic arts site, came here to learn and also for the exposure.

"We'd like to see what other people who are in the industry think about our tool, and we'd also like to get some feedback on ways we can improve it and are also here to practice our pitch for later on."

Other trip highlights:

- We saw MC Hammer walk by our booth, dress like a normal human being. He's funded a dance social network.

- I checked out ImageKind's cool Seattle digs.

- I spent a few hours with Ryan Stewart from Adobe and let him play with Aviary. It was like watching a kid in a candy store. (You'll all know the feeling soon).

We'll be joining Adobe's On AIR Tour tomorrow for their New York City stop and plan on showing a demo of Phoenix on AIR at around 6:00 PM. The audience is already sold out, but if you're planning on attending please do drop us a line and let us know at aviary(a)worth1000.com.

[Sidenote: We really lucked out with our bird metaphor working so well with the AIR brand].]]