Parrot - Voice Control for Aviary


STEP 1) To activate the Parrot beta feature, first hold down the SHIFT + CTRL + A + F buttons all at the same time while in an Aviary editor. You will not see any visual change on the screen at this time, but don't worry it worked.

NOTE: Due to the experimental nature of this beta feature, we only allow this for new files before any work has begun. Do not attempt to activate it on an existing file at this time.

STEP 2) To then turn on the Parrot interface, you must speak in a loud clear voice to your computer (with microphones turned on) and say "Aviary is the Best!" Remember to say it in as loud and clear a voice as possible.

NOTE: If the interface doesn't immediately pop up, don't worry you probably just didn't say it loud enough. Repeat "Aviary is the Best!" in a louder voice each time until the interface finally recognizes you. This will also help train the program.

STEP 3) With Parrot enabled, you can now speak directly to the screen and actions will be enabled. To get the full list of supported commands, speak clearly to the screen and say "Show me the Parrot list!" After saying an action it will flash on the interface and execute your action in the app.

Note: You can also say the name of the tool or functionality you wish to use and Parrot should recognize it.

STEP 4) If the results didn't match what you said, just hit Retry and say your word again in a loud clear voice. It will now be trained and you won't have that problem again.

STEP 5) The interface will appear on the screen whenever you start to talk and fade away to not be distracting when you are silent.

Note: Don't worry about background noise. Your initial yelling "Aviary is the Best!" should help train parrot to only recognize and respond to your voice.

STEP 6) To pause functionality, simply say "PAUSE PARROT" or press the microphone button on the parrot panel. To resume parrot, yell out "AVIARY IS THE BEST!"

STEP 7) To reset Parrot to work with someone else's voice, hold down SHIFT + CTRL + A + F buttons for 30 seconds. This will reboot Parrot's voice training for your account.

Final note: Parrot works in all Aviary apps, even our audio editor. For unintentionally funny results (that we will have to fix before leaving beta), try activating Parrot and your voice recorder at the same time.