Partner Spotlight: Moped - messaging built for BOTH mobile & web

Moped is a free and beautiful way to simplify the way you communicate with your friends and family, but isn't just another messaging app...


Unlike others, with Moped you can:

  • Send messages to anyone, even non-Moped users
  • Continue conversations on any PC (at
  • Access in-sync conversations and contacts across multiple devices (web, android and iOS)
  • See the links, photos, and venues from your messages all in one convenient gallery

On top of that, in a Moped message you can:

  • Embed venue details to explain where to meet
  • Embed photos with doodles, filters, and stickers! (Powered by Aviary!)
  • Attach files using our Dropbox integration on the Web
  • Use to get Moped notifications for weather, stocks, your friends' Instagram updates, and more.

Download iPhone app here: 


Download Android app here:

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