Photo Hack Day 3: West Coast Edition

Bay Area developers: Aviary is absolutely thrilled to announce that Photo Hack Day is headed west this summer! On July 14-15, 2012, join our awesome headline sponsor, Facebook, and our kind hosts at Dropbox for a third weekend of hacking, cool giveaways, and $10,000 in prize money. Our friends at Sincerely, Walgreens, and Tumblr are also onboard to throw some food, drink, and a few surprises into the mix. (We're tempted to cue up some Phantom Planet, for those of you who watched the OC, but we'll spare you.)


The original Photo Hack Day was the first image-centric hackathon in New York City, bringing together the brightest minds in photography, photo-editing, web design, computer science, and more. In 24 hours, over 200 developers put together an impressive 43 hacks with APIs contributed from 25 companies -- a full day display of burgeoning talent in the New York City tech community. NASDAQ, our first headline sponsor, gave away the opportunity to showcase the winners on their screen in Times Square!

After garnering a wonderfully enthusiastic response from the community, we organized Photo Hack Day II, which brought over 250 developers, 30 APIs, the founders of reddit, Tumblr, and Cheezburger Inc., and $10,000 in prizes to General Assembly -- plus a livestream of our sister Photo Hack Day taking place simultaneously in Berlin.

Award-winning hacks in the past have included:

  • PhotoBot, a robotic photo analysis tool that provides suggestions for taking better pictures
  • Synviary, a collaborative image editing platform
  • HoneyBadger, a motion detector security system that enables your computer to know who's looking at your screen

Plus many more exciting, creative projects!

At Photo Hack Day 2, we had 496 RSVPs and a full house at General Assembly (demo tickets sold out a full week before the event!), so we're looking forward to doing the same on the west coast. Have questions? Check out the event website, or get in touch.

Can't wait to see you there!