Recent Aviary press round up

5 articles in the NY Daily News and a whole bunch of Digg homepages. Rather than bore you with yet another exciting video it's time to make our publicist* happy and share some of the awesome mainstream coverage we've received since opening our doors a crack in early February.

Here's a sampling of other recent press that have mentioned Aviary. We're compiling a separate full list - which will include non-English articles as well - if you've written about us and want to be included drop us a note at aviary(-a-)

March 14
O'Reilly's InsideRIA: Aviary screencast (Editor's note: Choppiness was the recording software, not Aviary)

March 13
Fox News

ABC News - World News Now (cut off)

March 12
Daily Mail (UK)

March 10
Threadbangers SXSW video coverage

March 6
O'Reilly InsideRIA

Aviary ( has generated quite a bit of buzz lately, and it has certainly been warranted...The collaboration model in Aviary is quite possibly one of the most innovative parts of its architecture.

February 21

...rather than requiring a relatively new computer to run Windows Vista with Office 2007 and Photoshop CS3 you can run a lighter OS, with Google Docs and, if you have chosen to shift your your workload online.

Conde Nast Portfolio.

From Penguin--a word processor for creative writers--to Horus--a font editor, here's a complete "birdy" list of tech tools online.

February 14
net@night with Amber MacArthur & Leo Laporte (at 21:16)

February 19

The Worth1000 folks have just shipped A.viary, a powerful, simple online image editor optimized for making photoshopped mashups of two or more images.

February 10

Flash-based apps are finally beginning to compete head-on with standard software. Many new Flash apps aren't just different. They're better. Even rich media apps will fall. Case in point: the Aviary suite of graphics apps, coming out soon from the team at Worth1000. The first app, the image editor Phoenix... gives you a strong indication that the need for expensive apps licensed on a per-PC basis is ending.

February 8
USA Today Tech_Space

After making Photoshop and such a weapon in the hands of thousands, those lunatics at Worth 1000 (we snark because we love) are transcending the current software's limitations with their nifty new Aviary toolset. The components are all in beta right now, and if you can get on the testing invite list the options look delicious -- image editors, palette generators, a desktop publishing tool, a font editor, and much more. Artists, designers and video folk are strongly encouraged to rattle the doorknobs over there.

Center Networks

Aviary is the newest of the apps that we believe will change 2008. The demo of their first app is just amazing... Of the 80-100 demos at the NY Tech Meetup I've seen in the last year, this was the first one to receive massive noise and excitement after the demo.


The folks behind Aviary, an ambitious project which consists of an online artist community/marketplace as well as a suite of web based design/photo editing/typography related tools, have thought of a clever way to advertise the possibilities of their impressive software.

Feburary 5


I've been really impressed after playing around with the tools. While by no means a Photoshop master, the image editor Pheonix has all the functionality I've come to expect from Adobe's image editor.


It's a good looking set of tools that I look forward to seeing how our readers put to use.

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