Redesigning America 2.0

America 2.0.

The first step in the re-building process would be to start the country fresh with a new logo. As a nation, how are we to attract new, prospective citizens with the current one?

First off, there are, like, a hundred stars, which just mucks up the entire design off the bat. And what's with the dark, dreary, colors? When was this thing designed? 1992?
And the sharp corners? Everyone knows rounded corners are a lot more inviting to click-through, and that's what we want from a passerby who happens to come across America.

What better way to start re-branding the country than with a fresh new logo?

The economical crisis facing the nation is probably due to design, as well. I mean, who would put any value on such a horribly designed piece of currency?

First of all, it's just busy as hell, with "1"s plastered on every square inch of the thing, and signatures of everyone and their grandmother scrawled across the bottom. And who in their right mind thought that seaweed green would be an appealing color of choice?

This just will not do.

So let's revamp the nation's currency to get this economy rolling again.

I can hear the economy growing already. With our economy back on the right track, we'll be able to focus back on the real issues.

And that is, re-shaping America.

Well, I propose we start the process with the squarest states, such as Colorado and Wyoming.

And simply re-shape them to suit the new America.

And the final step would be to transform all of the national landmarks to suit the new country's brand, as well.

The first to go would be the Hollywood sign.

And re-create it using the friendlier, softer, more popular "today" font, VAG Rounded.

I believe America is ready for change. Change is nothing to fear. After all, the country was built on change. It's as American as baseball.

Besides, a country can't be held accountable for it's actions and behavior. As long as we remain in beta.


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