Reflective Hummingbird demo


Click here to play with the interactive 3D model.

Here you can see a real reflective material effect placed on our Hummingbird logo.

You can see just how much improved this new gold material effect is over the last time we updated on this topic:

Material effects like these are only possible because Hummingbird, our Flash-based 3D modeller, utilizes the powerful open source Away3D flash engine.

Why did we choose Away3D to power Hummingbird when there were other very competent 3D engines like Papervision3D and Sandy available?

Simple: Technical realism is a must. Hummingbird will be used to render realistic 3d photo objects for use in other Aviary tools (like Phoenix). Away3D supports features like corrective z-sorting, ensuring us that pictures will be rendered correctly, with polygons appearing exactly as they should. Add incredible real-time material effects previously unseen in Flash and it was perfect for our needs.

Update! More interactive demos:

- Reflective directional lighting
- smooth shading
- transparent reflections]]