Refrigerator Magnet Poetry in Aviary

Magnetic Poetry kits? You know, those novelty products featuring words adhered to magnetic tiles which you can arrange to form lines of prose on your fridge?

If you don’t, today I present to you a template from which you can create these fascinating refrigerator poems in Aviary!

And if you do remember them, today I present to you a template from which you can create these fascinating refrigerator poems in Aviary!

To begin, launch the Refrigerator Magnet template.

The application is very simple to use. When you launch the template, you’ll be presented with a graphic of a refrigerator, with a series of words surrounding it.

To compose your poem, simply click then drag your desired words onto the fridge.

Then, it’s just a matter of arranging your chosen words on the canvas to create your very own poem!
Simple, isn’t it?

Sometimes, the challenge of making a creation comes in the form of limitations you’re presented with in a particular setting. In this challenge, the goal is to make your own lines of prose, poetry, one-liners, philosophical meanderings, using only the words and word fragments presented in the application.

What may seem like a simple challenge at first may throw you off down the line, as you find yourself scrambling for words outside of the present inclusions!

When you’re satisfied with your poem, click the “Save As” button in the top right corner and follow the on-screen instructions to save the image to Aviary.
Additionally, you can save a flattened copy of the graphic to your computer by selecting File > Export > Export Bitmap.

Once your poem is saved, you can go to your creation page and select the “Send to Friends” option in the right hand column to send the poem to anyone you desire.

Go on try making some poems yourself, using Aviary’s Refrigerator Magnetic Poetry generator! And you won’t even need to get up to go to the fridge… unless you want a Coke.
Next blog post, Brewing Homemade Cola in Aviary. I may need to sleep on this one.

Here are a few examples:
Old Man Poem.egg by meowza on AviaryOld Man Poem.egg by meowza on Aviary
Abe.egg by meowza on AviaryAbe.egg by meowza on Aviary

Try making some of your own!
You can post them as comments here, or participate in the forum thread.
I'll include my favorites in this blog post.]]