Regarding Roanald

Sooo... we've been getting a ton of tweets and emails and pigeon-delivered encoded messages asking if Aviary ever hired that guy Roanald. (Proper warning: Roanald's application contains some mild profanity, so please only click through to it if you're ok with that.) The short answer is yes.

The long answer, for those of you who missed all the action, is that Roanald actually applied here way back in August. We obviously hired him on the spot when he rode in here with his team of trained eagles, but his story of success didn't make the rounds on the internet until our buddy Jonathan joined us for lunch a couple weeks back and thought to snap a picture of Roanald's application, which has been hanging proudly in our kitchen since the day it arrived in our hearts.

It was the cover letter heard round the world, and we watched with delight as the story was retweeted, liked, shared, and picked up by the likes of BuzzfeedHuffington Post, and even AOL. Heck, even Dwight Schrute himself tweeted about it. Roanald was especially tickled as he skyrocketed to fame, and we didn't even yell at him when his productivity plummeted to an all-time low.

Anyway. We just wanted to assure everyone that Roanald *is* employed, and that you can all stop emailing him and offering him jobs - unless of course you can help him out with his ultimate dream of working in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park as a wrangler for the African Safari. Then you can have him.

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