Say Goodbye to Bad Facebook Cover Photos

If you haven't already noticed, Facebook's latest profile update includes a feature called Timeline, which among other things allows you to upload an eye-catching cover photo to your profile. In the latest update to our Facebook app, we've added a custom crop tool that allows you to perfectly cut out your cover photo! No more need to resize and drag to make it fit.

To start:

  1. Go to *Note: If you've used our app before, make sure to clear your web browser's cache to see the update
  2. Choose any of your photos from Facebook, or upload one from your desktop
  3. Choose the Crop tool
  4. Choose "Cover Photo" inside the Crop tool
  5. Drag to select area
  6. Apply, Save, BOOM.

Now head back to your profile, hover over your Cover Photo and select "Change Cover". Then select "Choose from Photos", and it should be in both your "Recent Uploads" and the Aviary album we create for your edited photos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at