Shopify Goes Live with HTML5 Photo Editor

Shopify is a wonderful application that simplifies the way businesses set up their online shops. No developer? No problem! Shopify allows sellers to organize their products, customize their storefront, accept payments, track orders, along with many other tools necessary and essential to running a successful web store. Shopify stands for simplicity, elegance, and common sense; 3 crucial details to making a successful web store. Visit their website to learn more, or check out example stores!

If you're a seller, one of the most important things about your store are the photos of your product, or the thing you're trying to sell. If your product isn't appealing on the screen, it's a safe-bet that customers aren't going to want to buy it. This is where our HTML5 Photo Editor comes in to play.

Shopify users are now able to upload and simultaneously edit their photos directly on the spot with a set of robust tools. Quick-edits like cropping, rotating, resizing, etc. can now be adjusted right then and there, enhancing the users experience while improving the product photo. Now adding and editing product photos is just as simple as creating your own store!

Simply click edit on the products page.

And our lightbox version of our HTML5 Photo Editor pops up!

And here's a video demo courtesy of Shopify!

"A strong visual statement is important to our users, so we try to make it really easy for people to experiment with different ways of showing off their products. It's hard to predict how an image is going to look in the context of your site before you put it there, and sometimes it just needs a few tweaks to make it work. Aviary is a perfect fit for Shopify because it brings powerful image editing tools right into the browser. Instead of minor edits being a tedious distraction, they can be done in seconds." -Shopify

If you've integrated Feather onto your site, let us know at Our HTML5 photo editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. If you're a developer and would like to try it out, read the technical documentation or embed it on your site, go to