Silkfair Integrates Feather - Offers Aviary Users Free Unlimited Shop

SilkFair is buying and selling made easy!

SilkFair lets users purchase goods from a vibrant community, or set up a store to showcase and sell their own products! SilkFair provides complete security (Mcafee Hackersafe daily certification, fraud prevention, etc.), convenience (easy multi-vendor 1 page shopping cart checkout, filterable search, RSS feeds on stores), and a wide set of user interaction features, including the ability to comment, review, and blog.

One neat feature of SilkFair is that they allow you to import your eBay and Etsy listings into your custom shop, meaning you can reach a wider audience with just one click. How awesome is that?

With all this functionality, SilkFair is aiming to be the premier e-commerce site for users to buy and sell their goods online. They're constantly looking to innovate and provide their users with more great features and tools. Since product photos are essential to their business, it made sense for them to integrate Feather, our embeddable simple image editor, into their platform.

Now Silkfair users can sell with ease knowing that every product photo uploaded can be enhanced. Quick edits like rotate, crop, brightness, adjusting colors, etc. will make your product photos go from 'meh' to 'WOW'! (And we bet this will increase sales too!)

SilkFair has implemented the floating version of Feather, which lets you drag the widget anywhere you please! You may also notice that the editor looks a little different from our original design. We’ve worked together with Silkfair to produce a customized skin, and it serves as an excellent example of how our editor can be customized to fit your site! We changed the color schemes to fit SilkFair's brand, and we changed the buttons from eggs to circles. If you’re interested in customizing Feather for your own site, give us a hoot!

We're excited to partner up with SilkFair, and even more excited to announce that they've been kind enough to offer Aviary users a free UNLIMITED custom shop for 1 year - a $300 value! To get this deal, just type in "Aviary" as the coupon code. Benefits of an unlimited plan on SilkFair include:

  • Waived setup fee
  • Waived listing fee
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Google Analytics
  • Customizable CSS and HTML
  • Custom domain/branding
  • And more!

"Product photos are essential in e-commerce, and now sellers on our site can easily enhance their photos for better product presentation." - Albert Wu, Founder

If you’ve integrated our Simple Image Editor onto your site, or would like to inquire about custom stickers and skins, let us know at Our Simple Image Editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. If you’re a developer and would like to try out Feather, read the technical documentation or embed it on your site, visit our developer site to learn more.