Soundcloud + App Updates

Now under your linked accounts preferences you will see the option to connect your account to SoundCloud.

When connected users create audio files in our audio editor or beats in our music creator, they can now share their creations with their SoundCloud followers.

You can also now login to aviary with your SoundCloud account.

We've made some updates to our audio applications as well.

You can now access your music loops created with our Music Creator (Roc) from inside our Audio Editor (Myna), with the added Roc Beats library! All of you who want to make complete songs from your Roc creations are one step closer. You can add as many Roc files as you can fit in Myna to make your songs.

Note: it will take about 5 minutes for a Roc mixdown to show up in the Myna Roc library, and any files made before today might have no tempo information.

To help facilitate looping your Roc files in Myna, they are now saved with four measures instead of two.

The unlock code has been removed from Roc, so all advanced features are now available to everyone. Thanks to all of you who recommended it to your friends!

If you have Flash Player 10.1 installed, you can record locally on your computer. This will not effect most of you, but if you have been wanting to record and weren't able because you were behind a firewall, this little fix will let you record without messing with firewalls.

There are several fixes under the hood of both audio applications for those who have been having trouble with saving creations. These fixes should alleviate any of those problems, but please let us know if they persist.

We've also added the option to filter by type when you are importing creations into our graphic applications.

Let us know what you think of these updates in the forums!]]