Star Search Casting Adds HTML5 Photo Editor!

Star Search Casting has added the lightbox version of Feather, our HTML5 Photo Editor onto their website! According to the site, it's "one of the very first casting sites on the web, and has longevity and experience in the online casting business that very few other sites can claim."

Every user who creates a profile on their site, must upload a photo. And because each user is ultimately trying to find stardom (I mean, who isn't riiiight?), they're going to most definitely want their best looking photo posted!

This is where our editor comes in handy. With a simple click, you can remove red-eye, blemish, crop, fix the saturation, etc. on your photo, perfecting it to your liking. Users can edit directly once they've uploaded a photo, and save it right to their profile. Simple made simpler. Give it a try! (Who knows, maybe you'll be the next Jennifer Aniston!)

Anyways, I thought I'd test my luck by creating my own profile.

The second step of creating your account is uploading a photo. Hmm, this one should work.

Remove a little blemish here and there...


And hot damn! I'm ready for TV!

Courtesy of PhotoFunia

If you've integrated Feather onto your site, let us know at Our HTML5 photo editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. If you're a developer and would like to try it out, read the technical documentation or embed it on your site, go to