Update on Partners

We recently hit our one year mark since we moved from a destination site for powerful editing tools powering third party sites/apps editing. Here are some statistics we are seeing:

  • Aviary is now powering 300+ websites/mobile apps
  • 1 million+ photos are being edited a week just on mobile
  • On average, a user is engaging with the editor for 1 minute and 30 seconds on mobile
  • 80% of people that go into the mobile editor end up editing and saving (as opposed to clicking cancel or leaving without saving)
  • We are seeing developers integrate the mobile SDK in 15 minutes

Here are some new features:

  • High Res photo editing for the web (mobile coming soon)
  • Localization for both web and mobile (support for all -  currently active in 8 different languages)
  • Compatible on iPad, Android tablets, and HTML5 mobile browsers

Along with this growth and new features, we're excited to publicly announce some major partners hopping on board:

Friendcaster for Facebook (for Android) - One of the biggest and most popular 3rd party tools for Facebook. Users will now be able to edit/enhance any photo before uploading it to Facebook

Bigstock (for web) - One of the biggest stock photography sites (owned by Shutterstock). Users can now edit/enhance stock photos before purchasing them.

Halftone (for iOS) - Integrating in their popular app with over 750k paid users, one of the top photo apps in the app store

RockMelt (for iOS) - Users will now be able to edit photos right inside their mobile browser before sharing

Alt12 (for iOS and Android) - Integrating into their popular apps - BabyBump, Pink Pad, and new kid app - Kidfolio

Quotes from partners

"Ever since Halftone was released, users have asked for the ability to crop, rotate, and edit image properties like brightness, saturation, and contrast. While those features were on our list, they always took a back seat to other enhancements that are unique to Halftone. So, we were thrilled to learn about the Aviary iOS SDK.

It took less than 15 minutes to download the SDK and integrate it with Halftone (no kidding). Within minutes, we had all the image editing features that users had asked for, and best of all, the Aviary iOS SDK automatically supports our Universal app, so everything works perfectly on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. We're thrilled with the results!"

-Mike Swanson, owner of Juicy Bits (creator of Halftone)

"I'd say it's safe to estimate, to cover the range of options built into Aviary, it would take a good 4 to 6 months of dev time and then likely a single full time person just expanding the filter set, bug fixing and adding new stuff ongoing."

-Josh Lehman, Product Manager at OneLouder Apps (Creator of Friendcaster for Facebook)

"I agree with Josh that it would take around 3/4 months to get something like Aviary developed. There are two big problems I imagined before we teamed up with Aviary: 1) Maintenance; as we're dealing with native libraries here, porting to new architectures and debugging is troublesome. 2) Innovation; Aviary already has the algorithms for filters, etc whereas we would have to start from scratch. This alone would save a couple of months.

-Chris Banes, Android developer at OneLouder Apps (Creator of Friendcaster for Facebook)

"Aviary allows us to incorporate editing features that we otherwise couldn't- not just because of the cost of developing it ourselves- but because replicating the quality of the product would be difficult."

-Boris Masis, Product at Bigstock (owned by Shutterstock)

Quotes from Avi Muchnick, CEO

"Our momentum around offering a distributed photo editor to third party apps has been tremendous. In just a couple of months, we have seen our trajectory soar. I couldn't be happier."

"We want every site and app to outsource photo editing to Aviary, for free.  We're on a mission to power creativity, and help our partners create the best possible experience for their users."

"I want Aviary to power creative editing on web and mobile… And with the adoption we're currently seeing, our goal is within reach."