Swap a face and Win an iPad!

Here at the Aviary office we sometimes find ourselves thinking about celebrities. Specifically, about celebrity faces and what they would look like if they were... well, swapped. So we decided to have a Celebrity Face Swap Contest. We are so excited about this contest, we are going to be giving away an iPad to the person who creates the best celebrity swap!

doodle.png  on Aviary

As a token of appreciation for you, our loyal blog readers, we wanted to offer a little guidance. Check out this great Gender Bending Tutorial.

Gender Bender.egg  on Aviary

Those great tips and tricks will show you how to distort faces and change genders with ease. No visits to plastic surgeons necessary.

Enter the contest, vote for your favorite entries, get your friends to vote for all of your entries and a (real) iPad could be yours!

Don't forget, of you aren't a lucky winner you can always draw your own iPad...

iPad.egg by meowza on Aviary