Fashion Week

Introducing Runway: Four Limited Edition Filters Available now in Aviary


Though certain somebodies have declared they're le tired of fashion week, the rest of us can't quite imagine late summer in New York without the sudden flooding of iPad-thin models and their tapestried audiences, here to celebrate a season we can barely remember let alone shop for. It's just so gawkable, so glamourish, so photographable.

In honor of this spectacle, please welcome (especially you, amateur fashion photographer and/or obsessive #selfie shooter) Runway, Aviary's newest limited edition filter pack. Featuring four filters inspired by the world's major fashion capitals - Milan, Paris, New York and London - these four filters give an editorial-worthy edge to the shots you snap on the street, in the front row or - coughcough - in your bathroom mirror (s'ok, everyone's doing it).

 Download it here for Android and iPhone, and remember to share your creations with the hashtags #aviary and #runway. We'll be watching for you!

Download now: 

iOS  |  Android