Roc and Myna Users: Get a Premium SoundCloud Account 15% Off

When you create beats on Roc or edit mashups in Myna, you probably want to share them with your friends across the Internet. You may have noticed that since last year, we've integrated SoundCloud to offer you even more awesome features. Today, we've taken it a step further.

Now, SoundCloud is offering Aviary users 15% off (woot!) for premium SoundCloud accounts. What does a premium SoundCloud account get you? For starters, it lets you upload from 4 hours of music (900 Roc creations!) to unlimited music, and it gives you extra control over your privacy settings. It also gives you new widgets to share your music and unlimited downloads. See their premium account comparison page for more details.

To get the discount, just insert this code when you upgrade: SoundsOfAviary

We've made it super easy to share your tracks on SoundCloud. You can publish your Roc and Myna songs straight to SoundCloud by checking the box during the save process.

Just make sure you add your creations to our public SoundCloud group, Created with Aviary Apps. Just click the 'Share a Track' button on our group page! This group will showcase your creativity to the musical community, and it will allow other users to do awesome things like insert comments at specific parts of your track and get updates on your new creations.

Side note: Roc and Myna have also been added to Soundcloud's App Gallery!

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