New iOS SDK version 4.2.0!

iOS Devs - Update to the latest version of the Aviary SDK!

We're thrilled to introduce one of our biggest updates ever to Aviary's iOS SDK - version 4.2.0

We're on a mission to give the world greater creative freedom. The latest iOS SDK helps us do just that with new and improved features like new photo filters, artsy frames and awesome stickers for members of our Premium Content Network. We added some of our most requested features, including better selfie tools and undo/redo. It’s all a part of our goal to help you give your users the best tools to create beautiful photos. 

Before we dive into all of the great new features, there is one important change we would like to call out in particular:

IMPORTANT- Font changes in the Meme tool

Going forward, the Meme tool in Aviary’s SDK will no longer use the Impact font due to licensing restrictions. We have replaced it with League Gothic, a similarly styled font that is part of the Open Source Type Movement and therefore completely free for your to embed in your app forever.

Please note that if you wish to continue to use the Meme tool with the Impact font in your app, you may be required to pay a separate licensing fee directly to Monotype, the rights owner of the Impact font. To avoid any fees going forward, we recommend you update your app to the latest version of our SDK immediately (or disable the Meme tool inside your app).

...And now onto the fun stuff! 


Our number one user request is finally here! Yep, you can now undo or redo any change by simply swiping from left or right on your photo. We’re positive your users will love the new addition.

New and improved suite of Selfie tools

We can’t take enough selfies and neither can your users! Our suite of selfie tools have been massively upgraded allowing for even better post-processing and editing.

All new user tutorials on tool usage

We now have user tutorials to make sure that your users get the most out of their photo editing experience.

…And even more!

Of course, as with every new Aviary release, there are additional optimizations, improvements and other goodies tucked away in every corner. We’ve added an editor cancel confirmation alert when users have unsaved work. We’ve also included language updates and support for en_GB localization.

Download iOS version 4.2.0 now

For additional help, email us at

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Aviary’s new iOS Photo Editor app. A magical way to create and share beautiful photos.

We’re thrilled to release one of the biggest updates ever to Aviary’s iOS app today. You can get Photo Editor by Aviary - for free - right now, right here.

The app is stuffed-full of new features and technology – not to mention hundreds of photo filters, artsy frames and fabulous stickers. But it all adds up to being a magical way to help you create and share beautiful photos. Here are just of handful of highlights in this new release:

  • All-new suite of Selfie tools. We can’t take enough Selfies. But with this new app they’ll look even better than before! With our completely new Blemish tool you can magically remove imperfections from your Selfie with a single tap. Meanwhile, our Blur tool does exactly what it says - giving you the power to blur out lines/wrinkles and subtly soften edges. Our Red Eye Remover has been massively upgraded - and is perfect for post-processing those harshly lit pics. And our classic Teeth Whiten tool can quickly give your pearly whites a pop. Go style that Selfie!

Style your selfies with our all-new blemish tool, teeth whiten tool and blur tool.

Style your selfies with our all-new blemish tool, teeth whiten tool and blur tool.

  • Fabulous Content Packs to get creative. We’ve added a whole new range of fantastic filters, frames and stickers in our Supply Shop. You can add these in combination and take your photos to a whole new level. Pro tip 1: combine the Reportage Filters with the Blossom Stickers to create a high-fashion take on springtime style!

Get creative with fabulous stickers

Get creative with fabulous stickers

  • Undo/Redo. The more you get experimental and creative with Aviary’s Content Packs, the more you’ll want the freedom to undo and redo an effect before finalizing your edit. In fact that’s our Number One user request… and it’s finally here! Yep, you can now undo or redo any effect by simply swiping from left or right on your photo. You asked for it, we delivered it.
Apply an effect, then simply swipe to Undo and start again.

Apply an effect, then simply swipe to Undo and start again.

  • Automatically make your photos look awesome. If you want to simplicity to the extreme, we’ve completely overhauled our Enhance tool to include superfast one-tap photo editing for Food, Nightlife, Nature and Portrait pictures. We’ve also kept our classic Hi-Def option to give your photos an instantaneous boost. One tap and done!  
Apply some one-tap magic with our all new Enhance options.

Apply some one-tap magic with our all new Enhance options.

  • Share to everywhere. Once you’re done editing a photo, Aviary now makes it dead easy to share to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (you can even now tag your Facebook friends in a picture). Pro Tip 2: You can also share to WhatsApp, WeHeartIt, Tumblr, Line and more if you’ve already got those apps installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Simply tap “More” on the Share Screen - and share photos anywhere you like!

Of course, as with every Aviary release, there are a huge number of additional optimizations, improvements and other goodies tucked away in every corner. Meanwhile, Photo Editor by Aviary is available in 17 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Bahasa Indonesia. So wherever you are in the world, go explore Aviary’s new iOS Photo Editor app – and let us know what think!

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A thousand new apps on Aviary's Photo Editor SDK in a week.

Aviary’s SDKs have been powering photo editing in thousands of apps, and for millions of users, since September 2011. In that time, our developer ecosystem has grown to over 7,000 partners. In March this year almost 80 million unique people edited their photos on Aviary’s platform across that ecosystem.

We talk with developers a lot - and they love the ease of integration, the quality of the technology, and the intuitive photo editing tools that Aviary can provide for their users. We’re proud to work with these developers; and to have become an integral part of their apps and business. But there's always more we can do... and are doing. 

We launched a big upgrade to our SDKs last week.

aviary sdk.jpg

In just one week, more than one thousand new apps have signed up to join our ecosystem! (1,181 as of 9pm last night, to be exact ;)

That’s super exciting, especially as we’re now also offering developers monetization opportunities - though our IAP and Branded Content / Native Ad models, which get distributed along with the SDK. 

What’s even more exciting is the diversity of apps that are integrating Aviary’s photo editing SDK. From commerce apps, to social apps, to lifestyle apps, to creative apps, to messaging apps… it’s clear that we’re long past the point where photo editing is just about turning an average picture into a good one. Photo editing – especially on mobile – is now about enhancing visual communication across many use cases between billions of people across the planet.

The charts below provide an overview of the 1,000+ new apps that have joined Aviary’s ecosystem in the last 7 days.  

ios and android.png

As we’ve seen consistently across the last Quarter, the number of new Android apps being built on Aviary’s SDKs is outpacing the number of new iOS apps by 3 to 2. Although iOS apps dominate the current make up of our overall ecosystem, the rapid growth of Android in that mix is startling.

Meanwhile, while new Android developers are still building a lot of photo editing and creation apps, our new iOS partners are more diverse – with social networking apps that include photo editing now accounting for almost a quarter of new apps built on Aviary’s iOS SDKs.

We'll post an update to this a month from now - and analyze additional trends we're seeing. 

But if you’re a developer who needs kick ass photo editing in your app right now – come and grab our SDK right here.

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Announcing a MASSIVE UPGRADE to Aviary’s iOS Photo Editor SDK

Great news for developers! Today we’re releasing a MASSIVE UPGRADE to our iOS Photo Editor SDK. You can get it right now, for free, right here.

It’s never been easier to integrate the world’s favorite photo editor into your app – and you’ll be in great company when you do. Huge social services like Kakao and Tango use Aviary’s SDKs to power photo editing in their apps, alongside retail giants like Walgreens and Sephora, photo-industry juggernauts like Photobucket, not to mention thousands of hit indie developers such as PicStitch – the collage-maker king. In fact, more than 7,000 developers now partner with Aviary to give their users a magical photo editing experience – thanks to an SDK chock-full with Aviary’s intuitive tools and a never-ending supply of cool photo filters, crafty stickers and fantastic frames.

We’re constantly capturing feedback from our developer community to help shape our products. This new iOS Photo Editor SDK is a perfect example of that approach. Here are just a handful of the highlights packed in to this new release that you've asked for and your users will love:   

  • All new modern UX/UI – completely aligned with Apple’s new design language.
  • Customizable look and feel – so you can make the editor fit perfectly into your own app’s aesthetic.
  • Leverages all the latest Apple technologies – including 64-bit support.
  • Fully updated set of photo editing tools – including an all-new text overlay tool with multiple fonts.
  • Internationalization – with support for 23 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Reduced SDK size – along with many more technical optimizations for better performance.
  • A basic version that’s feature-rich – and completely free.
  • New monetization options – including access to Aviary’s Premium Content Network, which offers a revenue sharing plan on IAPs and exclusive brand campaigns.

If you're a developer who builds cross-platform, remember Aviary also has killer SDKs for Android and Web too.

Aviary’s iOS SDK, including all-new text overlay tools, a modern UI/UX, support for 23 languages and much, much more.

Aviary’s iOS SDK, including all-new text overlay tools, a modern UI/UX, support for 23 languages and much, much more.

In aggregate, Aviary’s SDKs have been used to edit more than 10 billion photos in the last 12 months. That equates to a lot of happy developers and a lot of happy users. We hope to make many more people even happier with this new iOS Photo Editor SDK. Go download it now.

- Team Aviary

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Testing in iOS at Aviary!

Last week, Aviary was fortunate enough to have the New York iOS Developer Meetup take stage at our headquarters for an awesome two hour discussion about testing in iOS.  

The event, organized by Meetup founder Larry Legend (@larrylegend), featured a demonstration on Aviary integration by Aviary's lead evangelist Ari Fuchs (@arifuchs), a discussion on tools and strategies for test driven development by Justin Martin (@JustinMartinM) and Joe Burgess (@jmburges), and a presentation by Mark Dorison (@markdorison) about his experience setting up a build server for automated testing with Xcode Server.

The event was a huge success, with about 200 attendees packing the room, taking notes while mowing down on pizza and beer.  Definitely looking forward to our next developer event, an iPhone / Objective C Workshop put on by the First iPhone App NYC Workshop Meetup, on January 29th and 30th!

Speaker Mark Dorison sits front and center of a great audience

Speaker Mark Dorison sits front and center of a great audience

Larry Legend kicks off the event

Larry Legend kicks off the event

Justin Martin and Joe Burgess discuss TDD and Jenga

Justin Martin and Joe Burgess discuss TDD and Jenga

Aviary's Lead Evangelist, Ari Fuchs, demonstrates the simplicity and awesomeness of Aviary integration

Aviary's Lead Evangelist, Ari Fuchs, demonstrates the simplicity and awesomeness of Aviary integration

Interested in hosting your tech meetup at Aviary HQ? Email

Want to join a team that loves giving back to the NYC tech community?  We're hiring!

Aviary's Holiday Gift to You: Photo Editor v3.2 for iOS

Seasons Greetings from Aviary! Today we’re introducing version 3.2 of our Photo Editor for iOS. This version was built with the Holidays in mind and is perfect for making beautiful holiday greeting cards out of your favorite photos, or for editing and printing your favorite holiday snaps. New features include:

  • Brand New Text Tool - In response to Aviary’s #1 user request for new font support, version 3.2 brings a completely re-imagined Text Tool with support for 11 new fonts, including a special Happy Holidays typeface. Plus, new colors, auto-straighten, and multi-text object support make text more customizable than ever in Photo Editor.
  • Holiday Bundle of Stickers, Frames, and Effects - Just in time for the Holidays! This version includes a bundle of limited edition seasonal content that features three new sticker packs, six delightful frames, and a new filter pack - available at a reduced price and perfect for making Holiday-themed greeting cards right from your iOS device.
  • Upgraded Print to Walgreens Feature - Now that you’ve created gorgeous holiday pictures, print them out to the nearest Walgreens directly from the app! The Print to Walgreens Feature has been completely re-built to support multiple photo selection and an improved workflow, making the selection, checkout, and pick-up process easier than ever.
  • Several important bug fixes including an issue that was causing photos’ EXIF data to be stripped from the photo upon saving.

Click here to download the new version from the App Store. Happy Holidays from everyone at Aviary!


Introducing Aviary’s First International Edition: Aviary Japan!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our first international edition of Aviary, designed specifically for our good friends in Japan. As of this morning, a completely customized version of Photo Editor by Aviary, a Top 10 app in the US, can be found in Apple’s Japan App Store - and it’s full of totally exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. Come and get it!

Re-imagining the Aviary experience for a brand new audience has been an adventure and an exciting challenge, and we look forward to iterating further based on feedback from Japan’s digital trendsetters. Take a look at our launch features, or download Aviary for Japan now!


Completely Custom and Exclusive Content
Be on the lookout for stickers, frames and filters that will make editing your pictures more creative and more fun - created exclusively for Aviary Japan!

Social Integration
Share your pictures to your favorite social networks like Line, Twitter and more.

Total Translation
All text within Photo Editor by Aviary is now fully translated into Japanese language.

To all our pals in Japan: We can’t wait to hear what you think of it, and we’re looking forward to making Photo Editor by Aviary an irreplaceable part of your photo editing experience. Download Aviary now!

For more information, be sure to visit our new Japanese home page at

Download link →

Aviary Events: iOS7 Features and Design Paradigms for Developers

As many of you know, the team at Aviary has spent the last few months knee deep in an iOS7 redesign for our popular Photo Editor by Aviary. We’ve learned a ton of lessons and best practices along the way that we want to give back to the developer community.

To that end, we’ll be hosting an event next Tuesday (Sept 24th) at Aviary HQ in NYC where you can come hear about how we handled the transition of our Photo Editor SDK (which powers over 5000 applications reaching 65 million users), and standalone app (Photo Editor by Aviary, which has retained its spot in the top 5 Photo & Video apps since it launched last year).

Have an app of your own? Bring it! We’ll also be doing Q&A for developers who are looking for advice on updating their own applications for iOS7.

Register for the event below:

Hope to see you there!

Photo Editor by Aviary App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Enhanced for iOS7


Come and get it! Aviary today announced the launch of its updated Photo Editor by Aviary App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, completely remade and enhanced for iOS 7. 

We’ve fully embraced the gorgeous iOS 7 design principles and features to make your photo editing experience fast, fun and more delightful than ever before.


If you’re new to Aviary – welcome! If you’re one of 20 million people who already have Aviary’s app installed on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support and feedback! You should automatically get the latest version of Photo Editor by Aviary when you update to iOS 7.


The new app gives you all the fantastic photo editing capabilities you’ve come to expect from Aviary but with an incredible number of updates and enhancements, including:

  • All ­new interface! We’ve completely redesigned the app based on iOS 7 design principles. It's crisp, clear, beautiful and fluid, while making sure that the most important things – your photos – are at the very heart of the whole experience.
  • Introducing the Supply Shop! We’ve made it ­easy to find all of Aviary's awesome Photo Filters, Frames and Sticker Packs in one place at the Supply Shop. We’re continually introducing new content packs to the Supply Shop which will make your photos look amazing. Be sure to check it out!
  • Aviary’s gone global! We’ve always translated our app for people in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Now, it’s also available in Arabic, Turkish, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia! You can also now seamlessly share your edited photos on the largest social networks all around the globe – including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo.


The Photo Editor by Aviary App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at




If you're in NYC, come by AviaryHQ next Tuesday for a talk on how we handled the iOS7 migration and how you can bring your own apps up to speed. Register for the event here: 


Mobile Partner Spotlight: HeyWire


As the world of messaging apps continue to grow, many are looking to innovate and add new features to keep them ahead of the trend. Today, we are excited to announce our latest partnership with HeyWire, a free messaging app for users all over the world!

With over 5 million downloads, they continue to grow and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Don't have a phone number? No problem. Heywire gives you a  free,*real* US phone number for texting your friends and family. You can also text them from the web by logging in at with your HeyWire number. Here are 10 other reasons why HeyWire is the messaging app for you.

Their latest update on both iOS and Android includes Aviary's embeddable and customizable mobile editor! Users on both platforms now have the ability to instantly add a creative touch to their photos using our Effects, Stickers, Meme Tool, Draw tool, and more.


They've also enabled our White-Label Premium Add-On, which removes the Aviary branding to make the overall experience completely seamless. You can learn more about our Premium Add-ons here, or if you’d like to add them to your own app, feel free to give us a shout!

Download HeyWire and check out the new Aviary editor here:


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