Roc and Myna Users: Get a Premium SoundCloud Account 15% Off

When you create beats on Roc or edit mashups in Myna, you probably want to share them with your friends across the Internet. You may have noticed that since last year, we've integrated SoundCloud to offer you even more awesome features. Today, we've taken it a step further.

Now, SoundCloud is offering Aviary users 15% off (woot!) for premium SoundCloud accounts. What does a premium SoundCloud account get you? For starters, it lets you upload from 4 hours of music (900 Roc creations!) to unlimited music, and it gives you extra control over your privacy settings. It also gives you new widgets to share your music and unlimited downloads. See their premium account comparison page for more details.

To get the discount, just insert this code when you upgrade: SoundsOfAviary

We've made it super easy to share your tracks on SoundCloud. You can publish your Roc and Myna songs straight to SoundCloud by checking the box during the save process.

Just make sure you add your creations to our public SoundCloud group, Created with Aviary Apps. Just click the 'Share a Track' button on our group page! This group will showcase your creativity to the musical community, and it will allow other users to do awesome things like insert comments at specific parts of your track and get updates on your new creations.

Side note: Roc and Myna have also been added to Soundcloud's App Gallery!

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Tip Tuesday - Audio Smart Layer

In this week's video tip, learn how you can use the Beats command to make, edit and mix your Roc music creations in the audio editor Myna. [youtube width="550" height="344"][/youtube]

Tip Tuesday - Smart Layers Myna

Thrilled by the possibilities of Smart Layers in our online image editors, which we've been covering over the past couple weeks? Get ready to be even happier. Our online audio editor, Myna, has Smart Layers too! Though this functionality isn't exactly a layer, it works very similarly to the Smart Layers in the graphic editing applications.  Myna has a function that will let you create and edit beats from our Music creator Roc from within the audio editor, so there's no need to open a new window to create beats for your mix. It's very easy to make a Roc beat to add to your mix: just start by pressing the Beat button (the one nicely marked with a "New" banner). This will open the familiar Roc interface directly in Myna. Now you can create your beat just as you would in the standalone version of Roc. When you're done and want to add the beat to your mix, press the "Add Beat to Myna" button. You'll be prompted to save the beat before it adds it into the mix. You can also edit preexisting beats that you've added to Myna by right-clicking on them and choosing the "Edit Clip in Roc" option.

You will be warned if you try to add a Roc beat where a clip is already located. Just move the playhead to an empty location to continue.

Super Suite Updates!

Today we released more great updates for some of the apps in our flash suite: Roc (music creator), Myna (audio editor), Phoenix (image editor), and Raven (vector editor). Details below! Note: If you’ve signed up to be an alpha tester, this update won’t be huge news to you, but you can head over to the alpha testing changelog to get a peek at what’s coming up next :)


The last update of Myna included a built-in version of Roc which allowed you to create and edit beats directly in Myna. Today's update brings a couple more exciting new features:

  • Change the tempo with the traditional dragging method, or with the new arrows for more precise results.
  • A completely overhauled instrument panel! Sort by instrument or category, and enjoy the new alphabetical organization for easier searching :)

We've also updated the standalone version of Roc with some features that previously were only available in the version within Myna: shorter sound names, instrument names on each track, and a collapsible sidebar.


Enjoy all the new functionalities of Roc-in-Myna, plus copy and paste effects from one clip to another (a much-requested improvement). You can access this new feature from the context menu.


Some major performance improvements for the tools:

  • Improved brush, eraser, dodge/burn, and clone tools
  • Added flow parameter to brush tool: set how much color is being laid down by the brush
  • Improved edge burning on soft brushes
  • New eyedropper shortcut: press shift with the brush or paintbucket tools selected to sample colors

This version of Phoenix will also allow you to paste in copied bitmaps! This means, for example, that you could just copy a picture from a website and paste it into the image editor instead of having to download and import the image. We think this will improve your workflow greatly :)


  • Save .egg files to your desktop and load them whenever you want to continue editing. This is a great option for backing up your files, or for those times when you need to save your creations quickly. (This is also currently available in Phoenix. We're working on rolling it out to all apps!)
  • You can now save path filters. Phew!
  • Added path operations: union, subtract, difference and invert. You can find these under the menu "Path operations." To use them, you must have 2 path objects selected.

To try these new features out, just launch any of our apps and get to it! As always, if you can’t wait to see the next wave of features, feel free to try them out before they're officially released by signing up at

We love your feedback - whether it's an exclamation of joy or a suggestion for how we could do better. Let us know what you think of these new features!!

Myna API & Press Round-up

we released our online audio editor, Myna.
We weren't the only ones who were excited about the release.
Here is a quick round-up of what others had to say:

For all the bands and developers in the audience we are pleased to announce that now you can use Myna along with the rest of our suite of online creation applications on your very own website.

For more information take a look at the Aviary API documentation page.

If you have any questions or are looking for a customized versions of Aviary's apps please dont hesitate to contact us


Aviary release Myna Audio Editor!

Since acquiring Digimix in October, our team has been hard at work on releasing Myna, Aviary's audio editor. We're finally ready to share it with the world. :)

Here's an example music remix made in Myna (Click "Open in Audio Editor") to edit the project directly.

Myna, a powerful online audio editor, makes it simple and easy to upload, record, and remix audio clips online. Whether you are new to audio editing or a professional you can get started right away on

Along with the release of Aviary's online audio editor we are happy to announce a partnership with APM Music and their Quantum Tracks library which contains thousands of professional stems, loops and beats will now be able to accessed by anyone using Myna to try for non-commercial purposes.

Highlights of Myna Features

Powerful Clip Editing
Trim, Loop, Stretch and Reverse your audio clips, width editable loop points, and interactive time stretch capabilities.

Easily add fade-ins, fade-outs, pan from left to right, and modify gain over time, with editable control points.

Add non-destructive effects to your audio clips including Pitch Change, Reverb, Delay, Parametric EQ, and more.

Import / Export
Import your own audio files, or search one of our provided libraries. Mix it down and export directly to your desktop or publish back to your account.

Share and learn
Collaborate with other users. Follow step-by-step tutorials to learn new skills.

By providing a powerful audio editor online along with access to a library of professional content online you can have access to powerful tools.

We look forward to see and hear what people create using Aviary's online applications.

More About
Aviary (, based in Hewlett, N.Y., has created a suite of browser-based creation tools, accessible and free for all to use. Whose mission is to "make creation accessible to the world." Aviary's online software offers anyone with internet access the ability to create digital content directly from their favorite browser. Current list of applications can be accessed

Additional released apps include:

* Phoenix , an online layer-based image editor
* Raven, the world's first online vector editor
* Peacock, an online effects editor
* Toucan, an online color editor
* Talon, a screen capture app
* Falcon, an image markup and simple image editor

More About APM Music:

APM Music (APM), is the largest provider of music for use in film, television, radio, video games and new media production is a joint venture of EMI, the world's largest independent record label, and BMG, the global music division of Bertelsmann AG. APM Music provides the United States and Canada with music selection services and exclusive licensing rights to libraries of music specifically for use in film, television, radio, recording, new media and video games.

Video demo on YouTube