Contest: Facebook Profile Photo Makeover

A few months ago, we partnered up with Pixable to offer their users an additional level of awesome - fun photo editing on the fly! With a simple click, Pixable users can launch Feather to tweak their profile pics, friend's engagement photos, step-grandma's poodle pics, etc. etc. This week, we're combining all our fun juices together to run a Facebook Exclusive contest, entitled "Profile Photo Makeover!" Plus we just like having contests!

The rules are simple:

Use Pixable's Photofeed app to choose a friend's profile pic (you can easily find them by choosing the 'New Profile Pics' category.

Edit the photo with Feather, our simple image editor. You can find the edit button on the bottom lefthand corner. Launch Pixable now.

Once the app is running,

  • Add a funny, hilarious, laugh till your stomach explodes comment with the text tool
  • Beautify the photo with a fun filter (polaroid, retro, instant, old news)
  • Adjust where needed! (change colors, add doodling, adjust brightness, blur, crop, etc.)
  • Slap a silly beard or hat with the stickers tool
  • Be as creative as you want!



Entries may be submitted in 2 ways

  • Download photo to desktop (option will be displayed after you click 'save'). Then upload it to the Pixable wall on Facebook.
  • Download photo to desktop (option will be displayed after you click 'save'). Then share it on Twitter with a #Pixable hashtag.

The last photo must be submitted by August 16th, 11:59PM PST. Our team of scavengers will find every photo submitted, so don't you worry!

*U.S. submissions only


What am I going to win???

Our BFF's at Photojojo have been kind enough to offer the best and most creative photo a sweet prize! If you're not familiar with Photojojo, they publish an insanely great newsletter on photography. More specifically, they scour the internets, rip pages out of magazines, ransack their friends' closets, and go though dumpsters to find the very best Photo tups, DIY projects, and Gear. The Photojojo store carries only the most awesome photo gifts and gear for photographers.

Up for grabs is a fisheye, telephoto, AND macro/wide angle cell phone lens! These finely constructed lenses transform your standard phone photos into a wide, up-close, super zoomed and wonderfully warped wonders. They work with any camera phone, and yes, you'll receive all three lenses! Learn more about the lenses


*The top photo will also receive an Aviary t-shirt, Pixable t-shirt, and a box full of goodies.

We're looking forward to all the entries! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us, but also you can subscribe to our blog , follow us on twitter and facebook to get the latest updates on contests and more.

Edit Your Facebook Photos with Aviary and Pixable

Pixable has enabled over a million users to manage their online photos with a variety of features that are centered around photo search, aggregation, editing, and photo-product creation. When Pixable first launched, they allowed users to create and print photo books from within their Facebook, but since then, the company has grown to offer an assortment of tools including mosaics, digital videos, and a powerful Facebook app (imagine your news feed on steroids), entitled Photofeed. Photofeed offers users a unique and fun way to discover photos on Facebook. Not only can you browse through feeds of photos customized to your taste and connections, you can have them automatically filtered into specific categories (Popular of the Week, Best of the Month, Just Ladies, Popular on Flickr/Instagram) and more!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered up with Pixable to offer their users the ability to edit and customize their photos, right inside of Facebook! Pixable is the first to implement Feather, our simple image editor, onto Facebook's platform, showcasing how the float version of Feather can be used in Facebook's iframe without any fuss!

Now you can finally get your daily dose of Facebook gossip, find out what you did in last night's party photos, or view your cousin's newborn child, while having the ability to edit and add fun effects to any of their images! Basic tools include quick-edits like rotate, crop, blur, brightness, etc, to more advanced filters like retro, toy camera, 1st camera, and more.

Launch http://apps.facebook.com/pixable/ to get started.

After you choose a photo, look for the ‘Edit’ button, located on the bottom right-hand corner. Once clicked, Feather will appear. *Note: You can drag the widget anywhere you please!

You may notice that the editor looks a little different from our original design. We’ve worked together with Pixable to produce a customized skin, and it serves as an excellent example of how our editor can be customized to fit your site! We changed the color schemes to fit Pixable's brand, and we changed the buttons from eggs to circles. If you'd like to look into customizing Feather for your own site, give us a hoot!

Once you're done editing, you can save it to your desktop or straight to Facebook!


Here’s a video tutorial in case you left your reading glasses at home!

[youtube width="640" height="510"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KCw9ryKJXg[/youtube]


"Simply, we're using feather to give our users another level of engagement and fun with their photos on Facebook. As our attempt is to be the destination where people come to enjoy their photos, we want to add another type of enjoyment - editing. They'll then be able to share or save these photos just as they can do with any of the other photos they discover through Photofeed." - Loren Appin, Director of Marketing


If you've integrated our Simple Image Editor onto your site, or would like to inquire about custom stickers and skins, let us know at api@aviary.com. Our Simple Image Editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. If you're a developer and would like to try it out, read the technical documentation,  or embed it on your site, go to aviary.com/html5